Does Bloomington Really Bloom?

Today is the first day of Spring in Bloomington, Indiana. Yes, I’m aware that there are officially two more weeks of winter, but when it’s 60 degrees at 10 am and people all over town are wearing flip-flops and capris, I’m going to call it Spring.

If that’s not enough to dispel your doubts, here’s the real clincher: today I saw the first Spring flowers in bloom: crocuses. I felt like the guy in the Norman Rockwell painting, pointing and shouting. Suddenly I realized that I’ve never seen a Bloomington Spring. My first taste of the town was in late August last year, and there were still some flowers around. We were even able to find hydrangeas for our late-September wedding. But I’ve heard rumors that this place really lives up to its name and does indeed become a “blooming town” when the season is right. I think this may be just what I need to recover from the bitter cold of my first midwest winter. It’s something to look forward to.

Crocuses peeking through the snow

Crocuses peeking through the snow


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